Sunday, February 26, 2012

Burn Out Sessions No7: Free Radicals

Right in the middle of my set, my landlord appeared with someone to check our gas lines. You'll notice I had to throw on a segment from another dj's mix to keep the session going while I assisted the woman from the gas company. Good set despite the interruption that forced me to alter the mood of it.

Burn Out Sessions No 7: Free Radicals (Via my dropbox and Cover Art & Playlist.)

  • Intro
  • Troyka "Early Morning"
  • Fuxa "At Your Leisure"
  • Spiritualized "D 857Hz (33 1/3 rpm)"
  • Kraftwerk "Geiger Counter & Radioactivity"
  • Faust "Mamie Is Blue"
  • Bowery Electric "Beat"
  • Galaxie 500 "Snowstorm"
  • Bongwater "The Porpoise Song"
  • Mercury Rev "Chasing A Bee"
  • Loop "Shot With A Diamond"
  • Boredoms "Cheeba"
  • ***
  • Small Change – segment from his Power of the LP set, WFMU. A Landlord Interruption. I put on Small Change to keep the session going while I was away from the computer.
  • ***
  • Department of Youth Services "Wolfpack"
  • The Freeze "I Hate Tourists"
  • The Futureheads "Park Inn"
  • Pere Ubu "The Fabulous Sequel"
  • Can "Mushroom"
  • Sonic Youth "Macbeth"
  • Butthole Surfers "Sea Ferring"
  • Outro

Monday, November 7, 2011

Burn Out Session, No5

Burn Out No5: Stakes is High
Download it, or stream it if you have the most recent browsers.
(Link to cover art)

  • DJ Pantshead “The Good, the Bad, the Freak”
  • Evolution Control Committee “No Time for Yes”
  • Beastie Boys “Cooky Puss”
  • UTFO “Split Personality”
  • Jungle Brothers “Because I Got It Like That”
  • Boogie Down Productions “My Philosophy”
  • Erik B & Rakim “Follow the Leader”
  • MC Lyte “Lyte as a Rock”
  • 3rd Bass “The Gas Face (feat Zev Luv X)”
  • A Tribe Called Quest “Excursions”
  • De La Soul “Bitties in the BK Lounge”
  • DJ Quick “Loked Out Hood”
  • Biz Markie “Just a Friend”
  • Big Daddy Kane “Smooth Operator”
  • Steady B “I Got Cha”
  • Salt N Peppa “My Mic Sounds Nice”
  • UTFO “Roxanne Roxanne”
  • Techmaster P.E.B. “Bassgasm”
  • GZA “0% Finance”
  • King Geedorah “Krazy World (Feat Gigan)”
  • Mos Def “Mathematics”
  • Wu-Tang Clan “Shame On a Nigga”
  • Dalek “Blessed are they who bash your children’s heads against a rock”
  • Dalek “No question”
  • De La Soul “Stakes is High”
  • DJ Pantshead “D’oh Yeah The Slurp”
  • Evolution Control Committee “Star Spangled Bologna”

Friday, October 21, 2011

Burn Out Sessions: Bombed Out Lovers

Burn Out No 4: Bombed Out Lovers (right click and save, or stream it.)
(small cover art)


  • Negativland “Harry to the Ferry”
  • God is My Co-Pilot “Heavier Air”
  • —Numbers Stations—
  • Butthole Surfers “Strangers Die Everyday”
  • Mofungo “Our Days Of Weakness Are Over”
  • The Mekons “Where Were You?”
  • Gang Of Four “I Love A Man In Uniform”
  • A Certain Ratio “Do The Du”
  • Pulsallama “Ungawa Pt. 2”
  • Alan Vega “Ice Drummer”
  • Mercury Rev “Chasing A Bee”
  • Tall Dwarfs “Nothing’s Going to Happen”
  • Smog “I Am Star Wars!”
  • —Numbers Stations—
  • Faust “J’ai Mai Aux Dents”
  • Sun City Girls “Space Prophet Dogon”
  • Unidentified Angolan Mother And Son “Untitled Fragment”
  • Ethnic minority music of Southern Laos “Khen”
  • Arto Lindsay Trio “Be Great”
  • James Chance & the Contortions “I Can’t Stand Myself”
  • Magical Power Mako “Restraint, Freedom”
  • Boredoms “Cheeba”
  • The Third Eye Foundation “I’m Not Getting In A Car With You”
  • David Peel & The Lower East Side “I Want To Kill You”
  • Negativland untitled track #2, 1st LP
  • —Numbers Stations—

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BURN OUT Sessions, No3

Burn Out No3: Live Fast Love Hard Die Young

(Right click and save to download the file from my public folder on Dropbox. Chrome will stream it; the other browers may or may not. Most likely not.)

Burn Out No3 Playlist:
Eat "Communist Radio"
Classic Ruins "1+1<2"
Anti-Nowhere League "I Hate People"
Trodskids “Gueule d'Enfer”
Red Kross “Everyday There’s Someone New”
New Bomb Turks “Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young”
The Cramps “The Crusher”
The Compulsive Gamblers “Pepper Spray Boogie”
April March & The Makers “I Just MIght Crack”
Thee Headcoats “I Don’t Like the Man I Am”
The Pretty Things “Buzz the Jerk”
Scientists “Human Jukebox”
The Birthday Party “Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)”
Foetus “The Throne of Agony”
Radio Birdman “Murder City Nights”
The Flamin Groovies “Teenage Head”
Elf Power “Drug Store” (live @ WFMU)
Neats “6”
Nick Lowe “So It Goes”
Kenny “I Don’t Miss You”
Smoke “My Friend Jack”
The Dirty Shames “I Don’t Care”
The Drones “I’m Down Today”
Elvis Ph’o’ng “Bai Ca Ngong” (The Crazy Song)
Dara Pusrita “To Love Somebody”
P.P. Arnold “God Only Knows”
펄 시스터즈  "커피한잔" (The Pearl Sisters “A Cup of Coffee”)
산울림 - "나 어떡해" (Sanullim “What am I going to do?”)
Michel Polnareff “Time will Tell”
Mary Weiss with The Reigning Sound “Don’t Come Back”
The Equals “Baby Come Back”
The Equals “Police on My Back”
King Kahn & The Shrines “No Regrets”
The Ponys “Let’s Kill Ourselves”

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BURN OUT Sessions: Other Mental Objects

BURN OUT No2: Other Mental Objects

(Right click and save to download the file from my public folder on Dropbox. Chrome will stream it; the other browers may or may not. Most likely not.)

You can still download Burn Out No1 from my music blog. (Although I was using new software and there are some errors. I'm not that happy with it. Music's great. The sound's not the best.)

Burn Out No2 Playlist (2-hour set): 
 Negativland "Clowns and Ballerinas" (A Big 10x8 Place, 1983)
Bruce Haack "Motorcycle Ride" (The Way-Out Record for Children, 1968)
Faust "Dr. Schwitters Intro" (The Faust Tapes, 1973)
Circle "Andexelt" (Andexelt, 1999)
Led Zeppelin "When the Levee Breaks" (Untitled LP aka "Led Zeppelin IV", 1971)
Killdozer "Space: 1999" (Twelve-Point Buck, 1989)
Cows "Heave Ho" (Cunning Stunts, 1992)
Butthole Surfers "The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave" (Brown Reason To Live, 1983)
Terry Riley "You'r No Good" (You're No Good, recorded in 1967 on commission and released 2000)
John Cale/Terry Riley "Church of Anthrax" (Church of Anthrax, 1970)
Jessamine "Say What You Can … Or What You Mean" (The Long Arm of Coincidence, 1996)
Ghost "RabiRabi" (Lama Rabi Rabi, 1996)
Bardo Pond "Cry Baby Cry" (Ticket Crystals, 2006)
Angolan mother and son singing, from a field recording
Blank Dogs "Crystal Ladies" (On Two Sides, 2008)
Psychic TV "Unclean" (Unclean 7", 1984)
Big Black "Steelworker" (The Hammer Party, 1985)
Coil "Ubu Noir" (Scatology, 1984)
Foetus "I'll Meet You in Poland, Baby" (Hole, 1984)
Psychic Volts "Horror Show No. 5" (Spunkstains (1977-1979): Volume 1)
Redd Kross "Everyday There's Someone New" (Born Innocent, 1982)
Chumbawamba "Adversity" (Revolution 7", 1985)
Bongwater "What If?" & "Chicken Pussy" (The Power of Pussy, 1991
Transmitters "Bite the Bullet" (And We Call that Leisure Time, 1981)
The Fall "Garden" (Perverted By Language, 1983)
The Gang of Four "Damaged Goods" (Damaged Goods 7", 1991)
Beat Happening "Our Secret" (S/T, 1985)
Pearls Before Swine "Playmate" (One Nation Underground, 1967)
Lispector "Peachtree Street" (Bearded Ladies, Vol 1, 2007)
Daniel Johnston "True Love Will Find You in the End" (Retired Boxer, 1987)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

BURN OUT Sessions: "The Boy in Me"

This first session is a chance for me to get familiar with the new set-up and software. I imagine the sound quality will improve as I suss out the features. You’ll hear a couple of errors as I get used to everything. I’ll link to a single mp3 file from the public folder in my DropBox account.

I hope you like it. More to come…

Burn Out No1: The Boy in Me 
(Right click and save to download. I know that Chrome will stream it. Firefox 5 behaves weirdly, likely due to the file size. So, right click and save it.^^)

INTRO: Christopher Recordings - “The Problems of Growing Boys” mixed with Aphrodite’s Child - “The System”

Aphrodite’s Child - “The Four Horsemen” from 666 (1971)
Amon Duul II - “Wolf City” from Wolf City (1972)
Sonic Youth - “Brave Men Run (In My Family)” from Bad Moon Rising (1985)
The Fall - “Who Makes The Nazis?” from Hex Enduction Hour (1982)
Pere Ubu - “Non Alignment Pact” from The Modern Dance (1978)
Psychic Volts - “Horror Show No. 5” from B-side of Totally Useless 7” (1979)
Dead Kennedys - “Moon Over Marin” from Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982)
Government Issue - “Fashionite” from Legless Bull (1981)
The Descendents - “Suburban Home” from Milo Goes to College (1982)
Rocket From The Crypt - “Dollar” from Circa: Now! (1992)
The Compulsive Gamblers - “Rock & Roll Nurse” from Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing (2000)
Dead Moon - “Graveyard” from In the Graveyard (1988)
13th Floor Elevators - “Roller Coaster” from The Psychedelic Sounds of… (1966)
The Gories - “Sister Ann” from House Rockin’ (1989)
The Ponys - “Fall Inn” from Laced with Romance (2004)
Radio Birdman - “New Race” from Radios Appear (1977)
David Peel & The Lower East Side - “Lower East Side” & “I Want to Kill You” from American Revolution (1970)
The Clash - “The Equaliser” from Sandinista (1980)
Jimmy Cliff - “King of Kings” from King of Kings 7” (1963)
Desmond Dekker - “Please Don’t Bend” from Black and Dekker (1980)
Symarip - “Skinhead Moonstomp” from Skinhead Moonstomp (1970)
Claudette & The Corporation - “Skinheads A Bash Them” (single)
The Equals - “Hold Me Closer” & “Police on My Back” from Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (comp: 1999)
The Flamin’ Groovies - “Shake Some Action” from Shake Some Action (1979)
The Who - “Tattoo” & “Our Love Was” from The Who Sell Out (1967)
The Buff Medways - “Ivor” from Tribute to the Daggerman 7” (2001)

OUTRO: Christopher Recordings - “The Problems of Growing Boys”

The Christopher Recordings Sex Instruction Series can be found around the intarwebs. The series was released on vinyl in 1951. They’re sufficiently creepy and are perfect for mixing, sampling, looping, etc.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

C86, Records, Scenes

NME's C86 mixtape focused my no-wave fascinated punk mind not on its bands so much, though I love(d) The Pastels and The Wedding Present, as on the garage-rock revival scene in the US that I discovered while looking for music like this in the US. Well, discovered is not the best word: I was always a fan of garage rock, I was just a little too young to know much about the revival scene.  I never appreciated the resulting madchester/baggy thing (though it didn't arrive until later). It lacked what I liked about the punk, hardcore and, eventually, garage scenes.

My fondness for bands so clearly looking back to find inspiration in the music I loved as a kid drove my record-collecting habit. Finding the records I wanted required traveling to different cities to find and explore record stores.  When Ebay arrived in the mid90s, it was untrustworthy new, too expensive later on. Nothing beats visiting record stores and finding what you've been looking for.  I suppose I began finding excuses to travel to find records.  For example, I visited my brother in Kansas City, MO, as often as I could to see him and visit, the now closed, Music Exchange, which was one of my favorite record stores in the country.  Now, my records sit in a storage facility while I travel to, well, travel.

I think I first heard C86 a couple of years after it came out.  Although it's hard to remember if I heard the tape before seeing some of the bands on MTV.  I certainly didn't hear them on the radio.  But now I'm thinking about how I collect records and inspiration.

I so clearly heard The Who, for example, inspiring punk.  I so clearly understood the motivation in the hardcore scene that it seemed natural for me to join in, though I never fully embraced straight-edge culture.  I was still young enough when I heard this tape, that I had to go digging for the inspiration for the bands.  I wanted to know where the music came from, especially bands like The Pastels.  This led to thinking more about production than I had before. It's probably why I buy so many records: I'm always looking for the source of the sound.  It's the same sort of search I'm doing in my literary work, I guess.

I know I'm not alone in this.  It was a pleasant moment this afternoon when I read Music Ruined My Life's post on The Soup Dragon's "Whole Wide World" and C86.  I appreciate there are many useful ways to narrate how I got from the late 80s to where I am today--and that it would be a shame not to see how music has affected my journey.

And I've been arguing about scenes and inclusion lately with folks in Seoul.  It's always been weird for me. My mind and heart is always focused on music in general, with scenes that usually have nothing to do with each other. You could find me at the symphony, hip hop, jazz, or hardcore shows in a single week not too long ago. No matter what I collect, I'm at heart a punk who loves hardcore and a dedicated fan of garage punk and rock. The two scenes don't often mix and both require the sort of dedication that limits participation of others that I don't always like, but it's the only two in which I feel comfortably at home.

That said, the garage scene often becomes over-focused on fashion over substance and is every five years or so over-run with new-but-hipster fans who think it's a fad and pretend to adore it while posing for photos and playing dress up with their friends.  That's the mode it's currently in both here and the US.  Fortunately, there's always the hardcore scene where it's not too hard to find folks who simply refuse to tolerate the budding capitalists that attempt to destroy whatever they touch for profit.

I'm loving the antifa scene, currently.  It's been growing on me for awhile.  I have to admit, it's completely social and political and little to do with the actual music.  But this is for another post.

Here's some C86 info and the track listing:
Side one
Primal Scream - "Velocity Girl"
The Mighty Lemon Drops - "Happy Head"
The Soup Dragons - "Pleasantly Surprised"
The Wolfhounds - "Feeling So Strange Again"
The Bodines - "Therese"
Mighty Mighty - "Law"
Stump - "Buffalo"
Bogshed - "Run to the Temple"
A Witness - "Sharpened Sticks"
The Pastels - "Breaking Lines"
Age of Chance - "From Now On, This Will Be Your God"

Side two
The Shop Assistants - "It's Up to You"
Close Lobsters - "Firestation Towers"
Miaow - "Sport Most Royal"
Half Man Half Biscuit - "I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)"
The Servants - "Transparent"
The Mackenzies - "Big Jim (There's no pubs in Heaven)"
Big Flame - "New Way (Quick Wash And Brush Up With Liberation Theology)"
Fuzzbox - "Console Me"
McCarthy - "Celestial City"
The Shrubs - "Bullfighter's Bones"
The Wedding Present - "This Boy Can Wait"