Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BURN OUT Sessions: Other Mental Objects

BURN OUT No2: Other Mental Objects

(Right click and save to download the file from my public folder on Dropbox. Chrome will stream it; the other browers may or may not. Most likely not.)

You can still download Burn Out No1 from my music blog. (Although I was using new software and there are some errors. I'm not that happy with it. Music's great. The sound's not the best.)

Burn Out No2 Playlist (2-hour set): 
 Negativland "Clowns and Ballerinas" (A Big 10x8 Place, 1983)
Bruce Haack "Motorcycle Ride" (The Way-Out Record for Children, 1968)
Faust "Dr. Schwitters Intro" (The Faust Tapes, 1973)
Circle "Andexelt" (Andexelt, 1999)
Led Zeppelin "When the Levee Breaks" (Untitled LP aka "Led Zeppelin IV", 1971)
Killdozer "Space: 1999" (Twelve-Point Buck, 1989)
Cows "Heave Ho" (Cunning Stunts, 1992)
Butthole Surfers "The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave" (Brown Reason To Live, 1983)
Terry Riley "You'r No Good" (You're No Good, recorded in 1967 on commission and released 2000)
John Cale/Terry Riley "Church of Anthrax" (Church of Anthrax, 1970)
Jessamine "Say What You Can … Or What You Mean" (The Long Arm of Coincidence, 1996)
Ghost "RabiRabi" (Lama Rabi Rabi, 1996)
Bardo Pond "Cry Baby Cry" (Ticket Crystals, 2006)
Angolan mother and son singing, from a field recording
Blank Dogs "Crystal Ladies" (On Two Sides, 2008)
Psychic TV "Unclean" (Unclean 7", 1984)
Big Black "Steelworker" (The Hammer Party, 1985)
Coil "Ubu Noir" (Scatology, 1984)
Foetus "I'll Meet You in Poland, Baby" (Hole, 1984)
Psychic Volts "Horror Show No. 5" (Spunkstains (1977-1979): Volume 1)
Redd Kross "Everyday There's Someone New" (Born Innocent, 1982)
Chumbawamba "Adversity" (Revolution 7", 1985)
Bongwater "What If?" & "Chicken Pussy" (The Power of Pussy, 1991
Transmitters "Bite the Bullet" (And We Call that Leisure Time, 1981)
The Fall "Garden" (Perverted By Language, 1983)
The Gang of Four "Damaged Goods" (Damaged Goods 7", 1991)
Beat Happening "Our Secret" (S/T, 1985)
Pearls Before Swine "Playmate" (One Nation Underground, 1967)
Lispector "Peachtree Street" (Bearded Ladies, Vol 1, 2007)
Daniel Johnston "True Love Will Find You in the End" (Retired Boxer, 1987)

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