Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Just received: Golden Hits of...
(Fontana, 1967, TL5441, excellent condition overall)

Side 1:
Hold Tight
You Make it Move
Save Me
He's a Raver

Side 2:
Bend It
All I Want
Touch Me, Touch Me
She's so Good
I Can't Stop

I found this lp on Ebay last week. Very happy that my fave single, "Hold Tight," is present. Very happy that Tarrantino made wonderful use of it in Death Proof. (In addition, thrilled somebody finally used Joe Tex.)

More pop than Freakbeat, but extremely hook-y tunes. Something to clap your hands to as you stomp around your room. Will fit in nicely with my Burn Out sets. Should get 'em dancing.

Ex-cop Dave Dee (Harman) was at the scene of the auto accident that left Eddie Cochran dead. He returned Cochran's guitar to his family. The band, like many British acts, spent time playing in Hamburg, Germany; they disbanded in 1969.

In the US, the band's Greatest Hits peaked on the Billboard Albums Charts at 155 during 1967. Their single "Zabadak" peaked on the Billboard Singles Charts at 52 during 1968.

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