Monday, June 11, 2007

The Conet Project

I used to spend hours listening to strange repeaters and numbers stations on an old shortwave radio.

The Conet Project is an archive of trnasmissions gleaned from Shortwave Number Stations.

Let that radio geek in you out now. Perfect for mixing and sampling.

(You can download the entire archive here.)


Anonymous said...

No, not 'perfect for sampling', since that has been done to death.

It is a great collection however, and bone chilling to listen to.

Gary Norris said...

I really don't think that just because shortwave transmissions have long been used as a sampling resource that we shouldn't use them any longer.

for most djs, everything they do has already been done.

scanning the shortwave for samples is a blast. and I hope people continue to use repeaters in their shows and work.

Gary Norris said...

anyway, I placed the cite in an entry to share with people who might now that there is this resource for such transmissions.

and to give a nod to Irdial.