Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Golden Frost

I took the following off the BJM Forum; the excerpt is a link to the thread, ANTON IS LAME:
Let me begin this by stating that Anton Newcombe is probably my all-time favorite musician, both for his magical persona and the magical fucking music he emotes. I'm seventeen years old and have been a fan for five years.
What a fucking little consumer that kid is. (Oh and the responses are priceless, too.)

I love how fans attempt to dictate what an artist produces. I want. I want. I want. Oh man. How about waking up to the fact that we learn this behavior as consumers in a capitalist market: to make demands that a product of somebody else's labor conform to our expectations, a device also quite capable controlled and manipulated by market forces. Naive crap from America's youth: I have been a fan for five years...oh shut the fuck up, kid.

I love the humor in Anton's newest work and the craftsmanship. I mean watch the video for Golden-Frost. It's fucking hilarious and serious all at once. Beautiful when something can exist as a multiplicity.

Well, come to think of it, I also enjoy the performance. Why all the fans commenting on the performance aspect of his work as "negative." I think he's speaking to us. More than I can say for many musicians.

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Anton, whatever you do -- keep it evil.

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