Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lest I am accused of forgetting: Flat Duo Jets

Nobody was better than Dex and Crow. I accidently stumbled into a Flat Duo Jets show in Florida in 1989 after jumping the back fence of a bar in Orlando. I was 19. I was an instant fan. Crow was playing drums with concrete blocks placed in front to keep his kit from moving while he played. Dex was swinging, jumping, gyrating his way through each song all the while refusing to look at the audience, not talking between songs. It was all about the songs. I was absolutely stunned. The last time I saw them was in the mid90s. Dex has my Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, believe it or not. I was living behind a gas station on 6th & Washington in Denver. They crashed at my place after a show. Seems so long ago.

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