Thursday, April 1, 2010

키보이스 : "해변으로 가요"

Extremely difficult to find any information on 키보이스 (Key Boys). To make matters worse, there seems to be an earlier band The Key Boys who were known by their fans as The Korean Beatles. This is not that band.

I want to find the lyrics to this song and more about the second Key Boys. When I do, I'll post the info here. "Let's go to the Sea Shore" sounds to me like it is in the 노래운동 (norae undong : song movement) tradition that was very popular in Korea from the late sixties until the early eighties and served to give voice to people's concerns under the oppressive military governments of 박정희 (Park Jeong-hee) and 전두환 (Jeon Doo-hwan). Korean protest songs are also known as "민중 가요" (minjung gayo : people's song).


bobtheorange said...

I found a korean website about that album:
I can't read Korean but maybe you can find some useful info.

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